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'Everyone's Talking about Lesson Study'

Our first Teaching & Learning session back after the summer break saw us exploring 'Lesson Study'.

The importance of developing teaching practice is rarely questioned nowadays but this desire to improve tends to centre around a teacher-led focus. Lesson Study provides the same aim but centres around the students instead!

So what is Lesson Study...?

Lesson Study is a Japanese-based, collaborative enquiry into classroom practice. It is a classroom action research tool which identifies a cycle of lessons where observations are undertaken to focus in on a pupil and their outcomes (the observation is not of the teacher). The group identify an area they want to focus on (e.g.: teaching aspect/subject content) the teachers then plan the lesson collectively – to help ascertain the best possible results from the individual – an observation is done and the findings are shared between the group. This is then repeated three times.

The benefits of Lesson Study have been proven again and again. It is not a fad! The Department of Education and guru Peter Dudley have both published document handbooks explaining how to embed the practice into schools, what to look for, and what the benefits are.

A key area of consideration is the considerable impact Lesson Study has on developing collaboration (one of Putney's key themes for the year) - both in your classroom, between colleagues and departments; it is intensive and focused and allows to constant improvement over time.

At Putney we are just at the start of our Lesson Study journey, but what exciting opportunities lie ahead.

Find out what we have to say and the feedback we glean in a post later this term.


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