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Doing our bit with 'Grit'

Last week our Teaching and Learning Group came together to discuss the hotly debated subject of ‘Grit’. It certainly generated some discussion!

Brief outline = Our Head of Geography and School Consultant Teacher Liz Matthews led the meeting, and began with an outline of her Grit Action Research project.

-Introduction to Grit and Angela Duckworth’s work. Everyone had a chance to work out their Grit score.

-A review of Liz’s research project so far looking at Year 7 and how ‘gritty’ they perceive themselves to be.

-There was a useful discussion about how to observe and record resilient behaviour by students in lessons.

  • Further Reading = If you want to know more about Grit, a good place to start is: ‘Measurement Matters: Assessing Personal Qualities Other Than Cognitive Ability for Educational Purposes’ by Duckworth and Yaeger. Click here for the full article.

  • Take Away! = We are promoting our fellow GDST school Streatham and Clapham High School, in their Teach Meet on May 25th at 5pm. Please see below for more details if you’d like to attend.

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